-mission statement-

it's hard to write a mission statement for yourself or your work. i urge you to view this site at your leisure, bookmark it for later and share it with a woman or girl you know. i encourage you to keep an open mind when viewing some of the more sexual and violent images. to be an informative site on women's experiences & artistic expression and leave out art depicting sexuality and violence would be difficult. these topics are just as much a part of being a woman as they are a part of being a human being.

what you will find upon closer inspection is that as a woman, [as vastly different globally, physically and spiritually as my many incarnations could be] i am a wet canvas. i have become free to grow into more than one role or one woman.

my art is like a cross-section from every part of my brain. my selections are often intense, funny, feminine or free in their own way. though some works are feminist, pro-sex, humanist or just plain strange social commentary- they all seek the same thing: to evolve in a world that still questions artistic worth and merit. i guess you could say my mission is to represent my portion of the global feminine mystique using art and story-telling , two ingredients our world would certainly die without. my work is also a diary of mental illness, loss and laughing my ass off in a world where laughter and madness are both frowned upon.

my goal for this site is to make a project which is a bit like performance art. using my personal experiences and forming a unique portfolio of visuals and words to narrarate the environment i see around me, i want to show a universal collage of beauty, ugliness and individuality. most of all, i want to show that being an artist means you must create. being a girl means you must adapt... and becoming a real-live human is not about wealth, but about growth.

there will be updates when new work is finished or other ideas are processed. and they are always processing...

as you can tell, primitivegirl has little to do with being primitive mentally and everything to do with being postmodern, emotionally. while the name "primitivegirl" incites a sense of irony, it also should be mentioned that many of these works are modern versions of old rituals and add a new twist on what "beauty" means. insisting that we all must endure rites of passage to remember where we come from and where we want to go, i hope this site helps to teach others [male and female] to observe their bodies in sacred form and question what physical attractiveness means.

like mom always said: "pretty is as pretty does."

i believe that the dogmatic world of stereotypes only lessons our individual freedoms- and one thing a primitivegirl is not is a slave of society's antiquated ideals.

-how to live like a primitive girl-

always be honset.
don't listen to those demons from your past.
never be afraid to challenge the status quo.
flash some leg and show your brain.
realize your dreams.
develop a sense of reckless abandon ... with purpose.
throw away myths and tell a few stories.
believe in yourself no matter what the cost.
go to the brink of madness and live to tell about it.
do not fear sexuality.
start over with the last 24 hours.
chase down ghosts.
confront yourself and society.
kick a lot of ass.
show the world how to laugh at itself.